Surnames from "Phantom of the Opera"
I would like to know if anyone knows the meanings of these surnames from "Phantom":Daaé (might be Walloon)
Giry (French)
Chagny (French)
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i found a site saying the placename Chagny is from cataneo meaning "juniper" (Fr. genévrier).Giry:
Le patronyme GIRY provient d'un ancien nom individuel de baptême qui est devenu héréditaire. Giry représente une évolution, par rhotacisme ("l" > "r"), de Gilly, ce dernier étant la forme méridionale de Gille. Issu du nom latin "Eggidius", ce nom fut...[...The patronym GIRY comes from an ancient personal baptist name which became hereditary. Giry represents an evolution, through "rhotacism" ("l" > "r"), from Gilly, the latter being the southern French form of Gille. From the latin name "Eggidius", et cetera...]rhotacism is probably the official for the change from "l" to "r" like in the word peregrino (Sp.) from the Late Latin peregrinus which came from Latin pelegrinus, from which came the English equivalent pilgrim.
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Oh, thanks! n/mnm
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