Dinkela, Kalbfleish, Sepulveda, Tricamo...origins & meanings
Does anyone know the origins & meanings of these names ?

Dinkela looks like it would be Italian.
Sepulveda looks like it would be Spanish.
Kalbfleish looks it would be German or Jewish.
Tricamo looks like it would be Italian or Spanish.

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Dinkela is a Dutch name. It is a toponym.
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Sepulveda...is indeed Spanish. It is derived from the name of the Sepulveda valley in the mountains of Segovia, and was originally used to denote people from that region.
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TRICAMO is a SICILIAN surname: The TRICAMO came from the area of MESSINA, namely from MILAZZO. The meaning of this surname is not clear.

KALBFLEISCH is a german surname. KALB,veal FLEISCH,meat.
The surnames indicates a butcher who sell veal meat or a butcher who used to slaughter veals.
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Kalbfleisch means vealKalb=calf
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