Sallwasser, Salzwedel, Hellewege, Zellweger....What do they mean ?
Does anyone know the meanings of these names ? I believe they're all German.

Sallwasser looks like it would be an occupational surname. Does it have anything to do with a sailor or sail vessel ?

I have no clue about the meaning of Salzwedel.

What does Hellewege mean ? Surely it has nothing to do with hell or a wig.

Renee Zellweger's dad was born in Switzerland. Zellweger looks like it would German. It looks like it would be an occupational surname. Does Zellweger possibly mean "wig seller" ?
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Sallwasser, Salzwedel, Hellewege, ZellwegerSallwasser:

I'm not sure about the first part of the word. Maybe it has got something to do with "Salz" = salt or "Sal(-weide)" = sallow [tree]. The second part of the word "Wasser" = water.


Salzwedel is a place name in Sachsen-Anhalt in Germany. "Salz" = salt, "wedel" is said to be related to the German word "waten" = to wade.


German surname which derives from the German first name "Hellwig" which is a newer form of both "Helmwig" = helmet + battle and "Heilwig" = healthy, hale + battle.


Zellweg is a place name meaning "small chamber, small monastery" + "way, path". Zellweger means: coming from or belonging to Zellweg.

Regards, Satu
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