Sylcox, Blahut, & meanings
Does anyone know the origins & meanings of these names ?

Shahane looks like it would be Irish.

Sylcox looks like it would be English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, or French.

Blahut looks like it would be French.

What do these names mean ?
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Shahane or Shanani is from the name of a village in East Punjab, Pakistan (now spelled Shahni) from where a number of influential families originate. Shahane is also a variation of Irish 'Shaughn'.
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Shahane is indian probably but it is very very rare, I am not sure.

Sylcox is a variant of Silcock: it comes probably fron a nick name.
Syl for Slvestre and cock or cox has different meanings.

Blahut is rather hungarian, most common in the states than the other two surname. I ignore the meaning.
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