does anyone know the origin and/or meaning of the surname Delacqua? Another popuar spelling is Dellacqua. I believe it is Italian, but I do not know for sure.
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Yeah, this last name is definitely Italian and it has variants like Dellacqua and Dell'Acqua - this latest variant is the most common one, while Delacqua is very rare and probably originates from the province of Messina (Sicily).
In Italian the expression "dell'acqua" literally means "of the water" or, in this context, "from the water". Usually such last names come from some place names bearing the word "acqua" ("water"), very common in Italian toponymy - just think of places like Acquaviva Platani (Sicily), Acquaformosa (Calabria), Acquaviva delle Fonti (Apulia), Acquaviva Collecroce (Molise), etc.
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