whats a surname?
Can someone pls tell me what the heck a surnames is? lol
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It is probably from Spain. The origin of LOL coud be the same as th italian surnames LOLLO or LOLLI

You can find LOL also in France.
Anyhow the meaning is obscure.

See the site: www.cartedefrance.tm.fr (surname LOL)
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Surname = last name, or family name (see message)hahahahaha....

Um, giacomo, "lol" is computerese for "laughing out loud". I think what nicky was asking was "what is the definition of the word surname?".

Now *I'M* lol!!!!!!!!!!!!

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According to Basil COTTLE pringle is,among other things a place in Selkirks, The surname is spread in South Scotland and Northumberland.

bye bye

PS: Basil COTTLE / Dictionary of Surnames
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