Preinfalk, Halfpenny, Goldworthy and Cutforth
I would very much appreciate more information on the surname Preinfalk.
Also, what is the origin of names such as Halfpenny, Goldworthy and Cutforth? Could they be soldier(?) names?
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Preinfalk is a variant of Breinfalk where Brein means 'mush, porridge' but I can't figure out what the whole name means. You can find their distribution in Germany at
I don't know the origin of Cutforth but Goldworthy and Halfpenny are both placenames, the former in Devon and the latter in Cumbria.
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Halfpenny is sometimes used in Ireland as an English language version of Ó hAilpín, more often englished as Halpin.
I believe Cutforth is also likely to be from a place name, perhaps Cudworth, the name of several English villages. Alternatively it might derive from Cusworth,Doncaster,Yorkshire, which was originally something like Cudsworth. There is also a Cufforth House in the Leeds area, but that may take its name from a family.
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