I am searching for the origins and meanings of the surnames Tucker, Houston, Worthy and McGlasson.

I have a slight understanding that Tucker is of Old English origin. But I have come across some information that would lead me to believe that not only does Tucker derive from the Old English, it goes further back to around the time of William the Conqueror and his ancient Germanic origns.

McGlasson I am fairly sure is Scottish and I have met an Englishman who's surname is Houston.

These are the only leads that I have regarding all 4 surnames. All help would be greatly appreciated
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McGlasson / McGleeson may be Scottish forms of an Irish name. The Irish equivalent of Gleeson is O'Glaisin. The word Glaisin is considered the origin of the toponym Glasheen, where it means 'little stream'. It is tempting to conclude that the surname derives from the toponym.
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The root of McGlasson, McGlashan, O'Gleeson and O'Glasheen and related variants is believed to be "glas", neaning, green, blue-green, grey and sometimes expanded to mean a stream.The surnames were originally distinct and unrelated, though, over time, some have been modified and confused.
McGlasson is MacGlassain (with a fada over the second "a").
MacGlashan is MacGlaisin (with a fada over the second "i").
O'Gleeson and its numerous anglicised variants is O'Glesain, originally O'Glasain, (with a fada over the final "i").
O'Glasheen is O'Glaisin (with a fada over the final "i").Since the 16th century, anglicization has resulted some confusion between McGlassan and McGlashan and between O'Gleeson and O'Glasheen, in the case of the latter, leading many to conclude that the O'Gleesons originated in Imokelly, Cork, ancestral home of the O'Glasheens, despite the fact that pedigrees exist which point to a North Tipperary (and perhaps even a Leinster) origin for the O'Gleesons.
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TucKer is a professional surname the same meaning of fuller o Walker it is typical of South West England.

Huston means "Hugh's place" it is a locative surname.

Worthy means "enclosure" It is a common element in South-West place -names.

Mc Glasson is it a variant of Mc Glashan? I am not sure
of its meaning.

Bye Sagani See the Dictionary of surnames / Basil COTTLE
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