Kopylov and Yushenko.
Either Russian or Eastern/Central European. Any clue?We're all in the gutter, but some of us look at the stars.
~Oscar Wilde.
We're all mad here
~The Cheshire Cat.
Viva la revolucion!
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Yushenko, doubtless the same as Yushchenko; from a diminutive of Yuri (English "George") with a Ukrainian patronymic ending. So, denotes descent from a Ukrainian ancestor named George.
Kopylov: there is a place called Kopyl in Belarus, but I don't think it is the source of the name, though it may be indicative of a toponymic origin. Kopyl is a Polish and Russian surname, Kopylov Russian.
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Russian Kopyl and Kopylov are probably derived from Jacob like the Jewish names Kopel, Kopelov, Kopilow, etc.
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There's a word in Russian Kopyl(kapeel), which means "chop", as in chopping wood. Hope this has to do with it.
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There is a Russian language explanation of Kopylov, Kopyl and Opraksin(?) here -
but it's wasted on me. I recognise a word that may mean "vertical".
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Always something vertical, for example, áðóñîê, connecting runners with a body ñàíåé, a strut and ò. The item Is expression " " êîïûëîì to stick out " " - to be on a type, to tower out of place. Êîïûëîì named the proud, obstinate, uncompromising person.
So I think means "to stick out".
Thanks all!
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Thanks for the translation.
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