My last name is Huaranga and I'd really love to know the meaning behind it if there is one or any persons in history that may have had it. It is is my father's last name and he is a native to Peru, so that might help?
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Huaranga appears to be Peruvian rather than Spanish, perhaps Inca.
This website gives one explanation of the word huaranga -
There you can read that, "The local population was divided into four ranked huarangas (an Inca administrative unit of a thousand households) ..."
I'm not sure that this is the meaning of the name, which was in use as a personal name in the 16th century, when an Inca named Urco Huaranga was around.
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Thanks this really helped! :)
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There are Huarangas in Spain as you can see at Judging by where some of them live, I'd say the name is probably Catalan. You might find the origin in Moll's Els llinatges catalans which I don't have at hand.
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They could be Peruvian immigrants, like the Huaranga mentioned in this article -
According to another article on the BBC Mundo website, Colombian and Peruvian residents in Spain number 400,000 combined.
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