surname Rambo
I have discovered few years ago that the surname RAMBO really exists in America. I'd like that somebody explains me which is the origin and the meaning of this surname.
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could be from the French Rimbaud (like the poet), it's pronounced similarly
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It must be a variation of the French name 'Rambeaux'. Beaux of course means pretty...
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The french ending baud or beau(x) corresponds to an old german suffix
"baltha". Its meaning is "hardy" in modern german "bald".

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Yes, an unusual surname that derives from the latin Sylvesterus Stallonus, look out for the related names in the phonebook, Rambo II second blood and Rambo III. I hope this was of some help.
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We can joke of course but the surname really exists.
In SICILY, at GELA, in the easter part of the island live al least
5 RAMBO families.
Some other families bearing this surname live in FRANCE.
Many others in USA.

If one looks at the lists of Ellis Island there is a list of about
100 persons, nearly all Americans.

So what is hte origin of this surname?
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It is a Germanic name and it consists of hramn = corbeau = raven + bald = audacieux = brave? Variations include Rambaux, Rambault, Rambaut. See
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Yes the name exists. I am a Rambo.
Peter Gunnerson Rambo came to America from Sweden in the early 1600s and his ancestors settled in the areas of Pennsyvania to eastern ohio down in to the Shennandoah Valley. Alot of them still live in these areas, but I have run into rambos all over the country. The Rambos came to Sweden from Scotland and to Scotland from France. I have meet a Rambeaud in the Loire Valley in France just as the web site in the previous message said.
Peter Rambo also brought to America the Rambo Apple (originally cultivated in France). The seeds of these apples were use by Johnny Appleseed. The full story about the apple is on the national arbor society web site.
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Dear Rick,

Stumbling upon your message, I must say that you are only partly correct in your explanation. Peter Gunnarson did come to America from Sweden, but did not carry the name Rambo when leaving Sweden. The source of the Rambo name is Peter Gunnarson's geopraphical origin in Sweden. Being from Gothenburg, and more specifically the island Hisingen, he lived close by a small mountain called Ramberget. This mountain, on which he grew his apples, was his source of inspiration, when deciding to adopt a new name in America.

Best regards
HNIC (from Hisingen, Gothenburg)
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Not sure that is correct. There is a Rambo rock here in Pennsylvania from Peter Gunnarson Rambo.
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