surname Breda
All I know is that this surname exists in Italy, around Venice and it has a germanic origin something like BRAIDA or BRERA other italian surnames.
But it seems that this surname is spread in many european countries:
France, Holland, Czech Republic...
Breda is a quite popular surname in USA: it rank ab.24,000
I am waiting for explanations.Thank you.
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the reason it is known in Holland is because there's a city called Breda, so it's also a toponymic Dutch surname, often as "van Breda" about Italian Breda:
Breda ha un nucleo lombardo tra milanese, bergamasco e bresciano ed uno veneto tra padovano e trevisano, deriva o da toponimi come Breda di Piave (TV), Breda Libera (BS) o da nomi di località, originate dal termine di origine longobarda brayda che nel basso medioevo aveva il significato di campo erbosotranslated:
Breda has a Lombardian core between Milan, Bergamo and Brescia and a Venetian between Padova and Treviso, derives from toponyms like Breda di Piave (TV), Breda Libera (BS) or from names of localities, originating in the term of Longobardan (Germanic) origin brayda which in Low Middle Ages had the meaning of "field covered with grass/herbs".
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to add: the meaning of the Dutch placename Breda is "broad river" from breed and a(a).
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