Help! "Rat" Surname?
I'm writing a story featuring a male wererat and I need a human surname for him that means "rat" and/or alludes to rat-like behavior. Something subtle, not obvious. Any ideas?
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"Rat" translated into some languages that make it less obvious:Arouraios (Greek)
Rotte (Norwegian)
Podgana (Slovenian)
Sobolan (Romanian)
Zurka (Latvian)
Ziurkes (Lithuanian)
Szczur (Polish) - I like this one because it looks like "scurry," which rats doOther ideas:Mouchard - French for "informer, sneak"
Schleicher - German for "hypocrite, one who sneaks" - also a last name, I knew a guy in high school with it
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I saw this question on Yahoo! Answers.
I have nothing else to say.
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How about the German surname Roden? Not very subtle but certainly rodential.
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