Origins of Posliff
I am a Posliff living in Canada and trying to identify the origins of the name. All of the research we have been able to do has lead us back to Finingly,England, but it is unclear as to whether the name originated there or what it might mean.Anyone have an idea?Thanks
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Are you referring to Finningley, Yorkshire? It certainly appears to be a Yorkshire name. It's a rare surname, which probably explains its being ignored by writers on surnames, and means that early examples of the name are not forthcoming.
I would hazard a guess that Posliff derives from some minor (or lost?) place name, something like ?Postcliff.
A useful source for early forms of Yorkshire surnames is the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, volumes 5,6,7,9 and 20, in which are published the Poll Tax returns for the West Riding of Yorkshire in the year 1379. You might find copies of the journal in a reference library.
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Yes,Posliff seems to have originated in Finingley Yorkshire ( near Leeds ) The farthest back I can trace it is late 1700's. My great grandparents emigrated to Ontario Canada and farmed in the mid 1800's, with most of the Posliffs ( I have been in contact with a few) staying in Yorkshire area. Other spellings are Postliff,Posliffe. Also some referral to the old "Russian" in 1800s suggesting Posliffs came from Russia in 1700s and name could have been changed from Poslov or Posloff.
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