Subject: Re: Tamanini & Kesmetis
Author: Sagani   (guest)
Date: April 13, 2004 at 6:45 AM
Reply to: Re: Tamanini & Kesmetis by Steve

No probably the two surnames have nothing to do.
Saint Tammaro is a local Saint of CAMPANIA the region of NAPLES.
BELTRAME is a first name coming from old German (through the French

Bertrand). Saint Tammaro was a priest coming from AFRICA.
According to Emidio de FELICE (Dizionario Dei Nomi Italiani) the origin of the first name TAMMARO is


However the ethimology you explain could be a possibility.

Two things are sure:
The surname Tammaro comes from an old first name (now rarely used)
The origin of Tammaro is not germanic like Beltramo or Bertrand.

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