Subject: Re: surname help!!
Author: Anonymous   (guest)
Date: April 18, 2004 at 12:52 PM
Reply to: surname help!! by Éowyn

Soules is a surname of Southern France, especially of the regions of BORDEAUX and TOULOUSE, up to the Spanish border. I am not sure about its meaning, it could be something that means "full", "satisfied"

See the French site: www.jtosti.com/noms (surname soulard)

Volkov or Volkoff, comes VOLK a slavic word that means WOLF. A surname like that is spread in European languages.

Yunker or Junker, I think is a surname of german origin it comes from jung.
The Junker were the Germans belonging to the low nobility in 19th century, especially before the German unification (1870).

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