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I married an Olmi. I cannot find anything about his last name. His father faught in France during WWI for the allied troops. His father's father married a woman last name Gigli. We believe she was Jewish and was hidden in an orphanage. His father emigrated to Italy. There are to be Olmi's in Italy. But I am completely unable to figure out if his name is French or Italian or what it means, or if it came from somewhere else originally. The closest I've found is Olmos which is Spanish and means "elm tree." If anyone knows anything else, please share. Thanks!
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Olmi comes from the name of a tree, the "elm". this surname derives from names of places. two italian villages, one near BERGAMO and the other near ASTI have this name.
Gigli could suggest that the surname came from Tuscaby, mainly Folrence. According to Ellis Island site some Italians that arrived in New york were from Chiari, near BRESCIA. This surname is typical of the Centre and Northern Italy. Also from Liguria Region, near Genoa especially.
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