Origins of a few surnames
I need help finding the origin and meaning of these surnames:Ahey
Ramchandran (Indian, but not sure if means the same thing as the given name Ramachander/Ramachandra)
Yassir (Arabic, but not sure if it means the same thing as the given name Yasir)
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Ahey seems to come from Ghana.
Chovnick is Jewish.
Farnall is a variant of Farnell whose origin you'll find at
Mag, Rell and Serf are German.
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Thanks! Do you know the meaning of those surnames also? Or where I could find them (Google is no help)?
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Sorry, but I wasn't able to find anything beyond the nationalities.
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Okay, thank you for the information you did find.
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Yes, Ramachandran is the same as Ramachandra, etc. This particular spelling is doubtless South Indian. The North Indian form would usually be Ramchand, though there are variants. A forename and a surname, as you indicate. Apparently the meaning is "moonlike (God) Rama", and a male given name, so presumably a patronymic.Yasir, Yaser, Yasser are the same. The name is said to mean "easy". In the case of the Palestinian leader, Yasir Arafat, it was a nickname.
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