Opinions, and anything you know about the surname Sorensen?
I was wondering what you guys think of this surname in general. Is it considered popular? Is it perhaps associated with certain people?...
I'd just like to know what impression it leaves, and if you guys know of any general facts about the name.It was my Great Grandmother's maiden name, and I was possibly thinking of using it. If not Sorensen, do you think if I were to shorten it to Soren that would be ok/nice?Any opinions or input would be appreciated!
Thanks :)
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You'll find the origin of Sorensen at http://www.ancestry.com/facts/Sorensen-name-meaning.ashx. This surname is very common in North America as you can see at 411.com and canpages.ca/ps/.
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Hmm... thanks!but whats your opinion of it? What do you think of it as a surname?
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I can't think of anything negative about it if that's what you're asking me. I guess I'm just not used to making value judgments about surnames in general.
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It's a common name in Denmark, one of the ten commonest, I believe.
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Thanks guys! Last Question,The Ancestry site was quite helpful for looking up other names as well.
Last question:
Out of these surnames which one(s) would you be more inclined to use?Sorensen
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