engaged cousin... Holthaus
My cousin just got engaged. Her last name will become Holthaus (I believe the family pronounces it HOLT-house) once she gets married. She is very interested in geneology and etymology and finding info on her current last name (Grimm) has been pretty easy, but the new name has her stumped. I told her I'd post here and see if anyone knows anything, particularly the ethnic background of the name. I assume German, but I'm no expert! Thanks in advance! ----Betsy-----
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This could originally refer to someone
a) living in a wooden house
b) living in a house by a wood
c) coming from a place called HolthausThis is taken from:
Rosa und Volker Kohlheim, Familiennamen, Mannheim 2000
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Thanks Andy! I'll pass this along to my cousin--I'm sure she'll be pleased!----Betsy-----
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