Two surnames
Can any one give me any info on the two surnames "Saviola" and "Ferrif"? I have no info on Ferrif, but I think Saviola is of vague Italian origins. Thanks.
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[...Non comune, presenta sicuri ceppi nel riminese e ravennate, ma non si possono escludere nuclei secondari, nel Veneto e altrove, dovrebbe derivare dal nome medioevale Savius....]Translated:
Not common, presents definitely roots in Rimini and Ravenna, but secondary nuclei can't be excluded, in Veneto and else, could derive from the medieval name Savius.About Ferrif, it seems to be French, but i have to guess about what it means, my best guess is it's related to the profession that comes with ferries (the boats) from French fer, like Ferrier.
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