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Subject: Re: the surname BRAGG
Author: Sean Foglai   (guest)
Date: May 4, 2004 at 6:26 PM
Reply to: Re: the surname BRAGG by Anon.

Are you sure? Here's what I found on the McBain Gaelic Dictionary:

(Lewis), a sudden creeking noise, Norse brak.
vain boasting, Irish bragáireachd, from bragaire, boaster; from the English brag.
an explosion, peal, Old Irish braigim, pedo; Latin fragor, crash, fragare, English fragrant. See bram.
neck, throat, Irish bráighid, Old Irish bráge, g. brágat, Welsh breuant, Old Breton brehant, *brâgn@.t-; English craw, German kragen, collar, Middle High German krage, neck; Greek @Gbróghos, windpipe, English bronchitis. Bezzenberger (Stokes' Dict.), refers it ot the root of Norse barki, weazand, Greek @Gfárugx, English pharynx. bràghad is really the gen. of bràighe.
braxy; from Scottish, English braxy.

They all sort of look like they might have a Germanic origin ...just wondering what your sources are?

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