Hecei, Larko, Margherio...Can anyone tell me what these names mean ?
I'd like to know the meanings of Hecei, Larko, & Margherio. They're all Italian. I've looked in various surname books, & I can't find the meanings of them anywhere. What do these names mean ?
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Margherio is from PIEDMONT, the region of TURIN (Torino) NORTH-WEST Italy. It is a very very rare surname.
I am not sure about its origin: it could be an occupational surname coming from a local dialectic word "marghé" a man who sells milk.
Another possibility could be a locative surname. But I ignore whether there is a place with such a name.

Hecei or Hacei could be Turkish?
LARKO is hungarian. I don't know the meaning of such a surnames.
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More guessing ...perhaps 'Larko' is related to Lawrence? ...from the 'laurel' tree.

Maybe Margherio ...is related to 'Marc' or 'Marcus' ...Latin for 'warlike' ... My IE roots book has 'merk' as a Latin root meaning to decay or wither ... and an Italic root meaning commerce, as in market ...again just guesses ..

Lastly, Hecei ...no clue ...
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