Orlando, Pherigo, Simontacchi...What do these surnames mean ?
These names are Italian. I've looked in various surname books, & I can't find their meanings anywhere. What do Orlando, Pherigo, & Simontacchi mean ?
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I found Orlando listed as a Spanish variation of Roland, meaning "famous land".

I'd guess Simontachhi has something to do with the Hebrew name, Simon, ...meaning "to be heard" or something to that affect ...maybe one of our Italian contributors can tell you what the -tacchi suffix means ...likely a diminutive ...

Not sure on Pherigo, but I'd try spelling it with an "F" as well ...it looks like it might be related to Federico ..."peaceful ruler" ...spellings are subject to much variation depending on the locality.
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Mr Foglai is right.

Ferigo is from a venetian surname Ferigo that is from
Federigo, a variant of the italian FEDERICO.

Orlando and Orlandi derive fron the first name ORLANDO.

Simontacchi is probably composed by Simon (first name SIMONE)
and TACCHI a first name of germanic orgin (see surnames TACCHI,
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