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Re: Barnette Willmann
Barnette, according to my name book would be from Old English meaning "From the land that was burned" or perhaps a contraction of the aristocratic title "baronet". The final 'e' probably indicates a Norman French influence.

Willmann, would seem to be related to William which is derived from Old German "Will-helmmet" ..."resolute protection" ...maybe it means "a man who is resolute or determined".
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Another possible interpretation of surname BARNETTE:
A variant of BARNETT, this surname is coming from BARNARD (see Bernard). This surname is beared in FRANCE as well in the area of NANTES. I ignore the its origin.

Willmann is a german surname derived from Wilhelm (see Deutsches Namen-lexikon / Hans Bahlow).
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I wanted to thank Sagani and Sean for all of your information about my surnames. I know that my Willmann roots start somewhere in Germany. The Barnettes are a mystery.
Regenia Willmann-Campbell
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