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Re: the meaning of surname PUSKAS
The best I can do from searching various Slavic name sites is that it may be derivative of the word 'pious' ...

Can anyone do better ...I hope!
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His family name is an abridgment: He was born Ferenc Purczeld, but when nationalism swept Hungary in 1935, German ancestry was not a good thing to have. But still, Puszkasz seems to be a genuine Hungarian name, though I don't know what it means... Perhaps it is a borrowing from Polish after all: it resembles Puszkarz, a surname that means 'gunsmith'.
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But the surname is hungarian not polish. the two languages, polish an hungarian are completely different. Hungarian like finnish are different from all other european languages!
That's why I think is a very interesting language to learn but unfortunately to difficult:

Some Hungarian surname I know and the meaning:

NAGY : Great
Horvath: Croat
Kis: Short
White: Feher
Nemeth: German
Russian: Orosz
Petofi: son of Peter
Buda; from a name of a Place
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