Hi i would like to ask whether you no the meaning of a few surnames i need to no about they are all i n the christian ethnic condition.

The reason i would like to no is in a way you could say i am trying to find something out that is like a family tree so this information would be a big help plz help.

The names i need to no are:

Plz will u help and give me sum info about these it wud be a big help will u plz im bac as soon as posss as this is needed as quick as poss. Thankyou 4 your understanding
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Buxton - Old English for a town where a buck dear was felled ...just a guess other lead ...????

Baker - Old English for someone who bakes bread

Beal - originally from Old French, meaning "handsome"

Beardmore - another guess, but English for someone with a long beard ...boy, I'm smart ...

Jones - a Welsh version of 'John' that ultimately comes from the Hebrew 'God is Gracious' ...
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