Rufkahr & Vos & meanings
Rufkahr looks German. Vos Savant looks German, Greek, or Russian...just possible guesses, I don't really know for sure. Does anybody know the origins & meanings of these names ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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VOS SAVANT are usually two separated surnames.

VOS is originally fro HOLLAND it means "Fox"

Savant could be of three different "origin":

Welsh, Italian (from the area near Torino/Turin)

I ignore the meaning of savant but it could be a nickname
given to a person that "knows many things".
the surname from Torino is probably from the French.
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Rufkahr is German. I remember reading something in a geneology report about the second part being spelled "Coeur" at one time, but that is actually French for heart so I don't know if that is accurate. I do know that my ancestors came from Hanover, Germany.
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