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Re: Rothshild/Rotschild? Blanchard? Schoonbeek? Oostveen?
A little help for the obvious ...

Rothschild, I think means a red-headed or complexioned child. It's found in German and by extention English families, with Jewish families being fairly common ...hence the famous "Rothchild's".

Blanchard, I believe means 'white' or 'blonde' and has roots in many Indo-European languages ...French seems to be the form you cite ...others will confirm?

For the Dutch names, I'll defer to my more learned friends on this forum ....

The Dutch names, I'm sure will be
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There's no need to wait for them, Schoonbeek = Fair brook, Oostveen = East bog. If Blanchard is read as blanc 'white' + ard, the ending 'without doubt' has pejorative value.
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Rothshild comes from german: Roth=red and Schield=shield.
Outside his shop in Frankfurt the founder of the Rothschield Empire
used to have as emblem a red shield.

So when the Jews was obliged to adopt a surname he chose Rothschield.

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