NAZRO pre 1800's
Nazro, John and Mary in Worcester, Worcester County, Mass. USA
Nazro, Henry James b. 31 Jul 1787, d. 2 Dec 1852 in Troy, Albany County, New York, USA.This is the earlist entry I can find for the name. I have no idea of the ethnic background of the name and I am hoping someone might give me a lead other than, Irish and English immigrants.There is a town in the middle east NAZRO and there is an Italian name "di Nazro".

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As you can see at, there was a John Nazro born in 1741 who also went by the name of John Mayo. If Mayo was his real name, then Nazro, whatever its origin, will not be found as a surname earlier than that. Also, although there is a locality named Nazro in Pakistan, there is no surname Di Nazro in Italy as you can see at
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