Andujar & Sosa...What do these names mean ?
Andujar & Sosa are Spanish. I've looked in various surname books, & I can't find their origins & meanings anywhere. When I looked in my Spanish dictionary, the definition given for the word Sosa, is "sodium carbonate or soda ash". What are the origins & meanings of these names ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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In fact SOSA is a word for a grass used to take out ashes for soda.
In Spanish this word is generally called "barrilla".
I don't know the english word.
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Andujar is a spanish surname of Bask origin: it means more or less "hill". The derivation of Bask surname is quite complicated, because in Europe the bask language is apart and very difficult.
In this case the "basic" word is ANDA and then at least 50 surnames
come from it: they change with suffixes.
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