Meaning of "Scodras"
Hey, I've been wondering the meaning of my last name, Scodras, for quite some time. I've done some research, but no luck. I know it's Greek, so if anyone familiar with Greek could tell me what it means, that'd be cool.
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This surname is common in Western Greece (area of Aitolia-Akarnania).

I don't think that it has anything to do with "garlic".
Garlic is "skordo" in Greek (in that case the name should
be "Skordas").

I think that it is of Albanian origin like many names in modern
Greece. (Albanians settled in the Greek peninsula during the Byzantine
and Ottoman period and they, gradually, assimilated with the local

There is a lake S(h)kodra in Albania, so the name could mean a person
coming from that area.
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An italian surname of greek-albanian origin is GRAMSCI.
very rare in Italy at the moment.
This surname is known because of Antonio GRAMSCI the communist leader
who died in the italian prisons in 1937.
Could it be possible to explain this surname?

Thank you
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In Italy there is a surname of APULIA, Scordo that is supposed to be of greek origin, but coming from the dialects of greek origin spoken in some areas of southern Italy like the Salento, near the city of LECCE.
Scordo is from a greek dialect and means "GARLIC"

See the site of "griko"

I am not very good at greek!
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