I've looked around a bit for the origins of our new Red Sox ace, Curt Schilling's name. I know it is an English coin and seems to have obvious Germanic roots. I found 'sovereign' on the German-English translation site and also 'shill' which is a spokesperson or promoter ... to "shill" for someone ...I can see how they may be connected the coin representing value, but I'm still not sure ... any German experts out there?


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I'll explain the German 'Schilling'. The name of the German Schilling coin means 'division' or fraction. It was originally applied to subdivisions of the gold tremesis, or one-third solidus coin. But the German surname is thought to derive from the circumstance that the person concerned was obliged to pay the amount of one Schilling in 'tax'. This surname first appears in 1178, as 'Scilling'.
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