other lithuanian surnames
I´d like to know the meanings of the following surnames:
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The origins of specific Lithuanian surnames are hard to find because of the lack of sources. However, most of them are composed of a root and a suffix so that the names you've submitted can be divided pretty much as follows: Abr+aitis, Adak+onis, Adaške+vičius, Aglin+skas, and Andziu+lis (there's no Aldziulis) which looks like it could be Andrew. You'll find general information on Lithuanian surnames at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lithuanian_name
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A lot of Lithuanian surnames are adapted versions of Polish names, or sometimes, Bielorussian. This is because most Lithuanians did not adopt surnames until after the union of the Kingdom of Poland with the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, in which Poland was the dominant partner. Later the name endings were often changed to suit the Lithuanian language.
Adaskevicius looks like the Polish (or Bielorussian)Adaszkiewicz, which is probably a patronymic deriving from a diminutive of Adam.
Aglinskas looks like it might be from the Polish Oglinski.
Abraitis might be from the name Abraham with Lithuanian patronymic ending.
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