There are, of course, many names derived from Roman, but I've often wondered where the name 'Roman' itself comes from and especially what it means.

Maybe far-fetched, but could it be a modification of 'Po' the famous river that Rome was built around. And then if so, I can see a similarity with Greek 'potamic' ... or perhaps it is from a Non-Indo-European language such as Etruscan that would leave us clueless ...

Any info would be appreciated!
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Plutarch's Romulus is a good source for the ancient theories. See All that modern science has been able to add is the remark 'possibly Etruscan'.
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The name of Rome itself has an uncertain origin.
It is said that it came from the neme of the King Romulus. But probably the origin came from a merge of different village on the river TIBER.
The name of this river too; Tiberis in latin and now TEVERE in italian
is said to be very old. perhaps greek.
Many theories has been constructed on this river that is not very long, only 405 km.
Another thing is PO river, much longer 652 km.Called by the Romans Padus. this river was a natural frontier with the so called GALLIA
CISALPINA. now the PO river, the greatest italian river, is the river of Northern Italy.

The italian surnames derived from Roman are at least 15
according to Emidio DE FELICE, the author of the Dictinary of Italian surnames:

Romani (one of the most common italian surnames)
Romanetti (and so on)

Two surnames comes from TIBERIO, a first name derived form the name of the TIBER:

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