Adenhart and Adlesh
Where do these two surnames come from and mean? This is what I have for Adenhart, but it is pure conjecture:I believe Adenhart is a surname of German origin. I think it comes from the two words "Ade" (which is German "pet form" of the name Adam) and "hart", which means hard.For Adlesh, I have no idea. I imagine the first part, Ad-, also derives from Adam, but I don't know what the "-lesh" comes from. Could it be of Hebrew origin? I don't know. Your help is greatly appreciated.
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No evidence of the existence of these names in Germany in these forms.
There are similar names - Edenhart, Eidenhart
Adlich, Edlich
Adlich, Edlich mean "noble" (modern German, Edel, Adlig)
Edenhart looks like a male given name of Old Germanic origin.
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