what about these bulgarian surnames?
Hi friends, I´d like to know the meanings of these bulgarian surnames:
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As you might guess, the -ov ending is the common Bulgarian surname ending denoting descent form the eponym, e.g., Ivanov, "(son) of John".
The only one of these surnames with a given name that I recognise is Blagoev, from Blagoy, an old Slavic male name that means something like "blessed".
Bukhal means "owl" in Bulgarian, so might have been the nickname of Bukhalov's ancestor.
Charoleev may have some connection with the word charólen, meaning "charming" - just a guess.
Balakat' in Russian means "to chatter, talk a lot", and is the source of Russian surnames such as Balakin, Balakaev, Balakirev. I wonder if Balak might have a similar meaning.
Dounev - no ideas worth mentioning.
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