Origin of surname Dunlop
I have always thought that Dunlop was a scottish surname, but now I am not so sure.
Could anyone tell me the origin of this surname?

Thank you
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The district of Dunlop, Scotland gave the name to the family. Celtic "Dunluib" signifies, "The hill at the bend." Arthur, in his dictionary of English and Scottish names, says
"Dunlop (Gaelic), a parish in the district of Cunningham, Ayrshire, Scotland: from 'dun', a castle, fort or hill, and 'lub', a bending, curve. 'The castle or hill at the bend.'"
There is a hill or "dun" in the vicinity of the village of Dunlop, near which a small stream, called the Glazert, describes such a bend as to render the place characteristic of it's Gaelic etymology.
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