Canpolat - Turkish name?
Anyone know what this surname means? It seems to be Turkish in origin, and I can't find a meaning anywhere.
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This looks like a Turkish spelling of a name also romanised as Janbulat, Janbulad, and Dzhanbulat, the last spelling from the Cyrillic. A turkish letter C is pronounced like the letter J in English.
The name appears to be made up of the words jan, "soul" and bulat, "steel". Can is the Turkish for soul but bulat is not the word for steel in that language. I believe that the name originated elsewhere. It was the name of the eponymous ancestor of the Lebanese Druze family of Jumblat (a corruption of Janbulad)who was a Kurdish official of the Ottoman Empire. As a male forename it is found among Chechens and Circassians, as is the surname Dzhanbulatov. So where the name originated I couldn't say. Jan means "soul" in several languages, and bulat means "steel" in several also. Bulat on its own is also a male given name in the Caucasus.
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