Can anyone tell me if Floerchinger is German ?
I believe Floerchinger is German, but I'm not 100 percent sure. What does Floerchinger mean, & what is it's origin ?
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Floerchinger (Flerchinger, Fleurchinger) means 'the one from Flörchingen'. Flörchingen is a town in Lothringen. Old names include Florichingae, Florikingae, Florikengae.
The French call this town Florange. Fleurange is the equivalent French surname.
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The surname is German: it has two different spellings:

FLORCHINGER (with two dots on the first "o")

You can find it on the german telephone directory

The surname are pronounced exactly the same. But the second form is more common.

They are spread in many different cities and towns.
Among them I know the names of:


You can find Floerchinger also in Ellis Island Site:
I ignore the meanong of this surname.


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