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Re: Does anyone know the origin & meaning of Travolta ?
Probably the surname Travolta is Sicilian. But in Sicily apparently this surname doesn't exist anymore.
No traces on Italian Pagine Bianche (
A passenger is recorded among the persons arriving in New York in 1904
(see's Salvatore TRAVOLTA 25 years old, but there are no indications about his nationality or his native city or village.
Salvatore his a sicilian first name of course and it is the first name of Trvolta's father too.
It is almost sure that the Travolta's origin is in Sicily: It is written on his biography.
So for the moment the origin of surname Travolta to me is a mystery:
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Travolta is the feminin form of travolto
The adjective could indicate a person with physical handicaps
a lame person or even a cross-eyed person.

I have found only a person named Maria TRAVOLTA who was born in Sicily
at LUCCA SICULA about 1830 this place is near Agrigento in Western Sicily.

Nothing is completely sure about the surname TRAVOLTA.
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