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Re: Yamanamanda
Well, I honestly think they are typing errors, as it probably is in the question here. (I know there is no point in asking). Yamanamanda IS an Indian name. It is used by the Kowdenya Gothram of the Andhra Kshatriyas from Poduru village. By the way they are Vaishnavites, as someone called Srinivasa would be, so that is consistent with my theory.
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Ok, I'm ready to accept now that Yanamanamanda is an Indian name, though I still don't know exactly what it means. I guess I talk a lot of rubbish, but I can't say that I'm sorry.
I just couldn't make sense of the first part, 'Yana', but now I realize it could well be the Sanskrit word 'yajna' meaning sacrifice. This sounds pretty much like 'yana', so it's a perfectly logical simplification of a surname.
There are many words that start with 'Yajna', and a few that start with 'yajnaman': a temple's patron is called yajnamana, "sacrificer", (not in my dict. but looks reasonable), and 'yajnamanman' means "ready to sacrifice".
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