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Re: what is the origin and meaning of kearse anyone please thankyou.
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This surname is not german at all. It is beared by travellers to NY
that have an Irish name like Bridget Kearse or Patrick Kearse.
But in the Dictionary o Surnames I use there is no explanation about the surname Kearse. I have only found Kearn. an Irish surname, meaning "descendant of victorious".
The Kearse immigrated in USA at the beginning of last century are very few:only 10.
Anyhow the origin of Kearse in Britain is not clear.
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I didn't find it as such in my Irish surname book which is based on relatively recent telephone directories. 'Keers', however, is cited as an Irish name of English origins meaning, "maker of the keys".

It does look familiar to me just from my familiarity with Irish names. Generally, from what I know, 'cear', 'cair' and various other spellings refer to "dark" as in the Irish first name Kieran ... and the letter 'K' is new to the Celtic languages. They used a hard 'C' instead.
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Kearse is the translation of the name Kersh. I have gathered this from geanalogical research I have done on my own family who was of German descent.
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