Subject: Re: Jufufce Hajic
Author: Anon.   (guest)
Date: June 2, 2004 at 5:23 AM
Reply to: Jhosravinegad, Jukneviviene, & Jufufcehajic...What are the origins & meanings of these names ? by Bixenta

Jufuf and Jafuf are East-European first names. I get the impression they are variants of Yusuf (Joseph). Haji or Hadji is a Muslim honorific reserved for those who have made the 'Haj' or pilgrimage to Mecca. In practice it often became like a second surname. So if the final -ic means 'son of' we get 'son of Jufufce-who-made-the-pilgrimage. Unfortunately, I can find no evidence that a surname like Jufufce actually exists...

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