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Re: Kanakis: etymology
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Kanakis is obviously related to Akinakis (pl. Akinakes), 'sword' and Turkish Kana, 'dagger'. The use of this weapon in battle is thought to be a Scythian or Persian innovation, so perhaps the name derives from a Scythian or Persian word.
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The Greek words "kanakis", "akis", etc (which refer to "a pointy edge") are all of feminine gender and end with an iota. (ÁÊÉÓ, ÊÁÍÁÊÉÓ in case you can see Greek fonts). However the *name* Kanakis -- whick is relateä, áó ìåíôéïíåä áâïâå, to KANAXH - ends with an eta.
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Point taken. But what is KANAXH? (Do you perhaps mean KANAKH or 'Kanake', daughter of Aiolos? If you don't, do you think Kanake and Kanakis are related?).
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