I'm wondering what the meaning and origin of the surname Kruttschnitt is?Thank you!
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Kruttschnitt is a very rare name in Germany (maybe 70 persons bear it), and it could well be German. I found "krutten" as an old form of the verb "krauten", to grow (from "Kraut", herb, also cabbage), so KRUTT could stand for KRAUT. "Schnitt" means cut, crop (from "schneiden", to cut).
So KRUTTSCHNITT could be a name for someone who cuts up cabbage (a cook) or digs weeds (UnKRAUT) or harvests what has grown.
You see I am no more than guessing.
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I was thinking along the same lines, Andy. There is a word "Krautschnitt", which appears to be an agricultural term, something to do with pruning. My knowledge of German is virtually nil, but you may find out more if you do a wordsearch on Krautschnitt.
The rare surname Krutschnitt is mainly South German (Bavarian?), so Krutt may be a dialect form of Kraut.
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Thank you both!
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