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Re: Lercher? Any Info?
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Lercher probably designates somebody from a place such as Lerch, Lerchen, Lerche or Lercha in Germany. The name is found in various parts of the country as you can see at
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The basis of this name is, apparently, Lärche, a larch tree. So a locality noted for its larches.
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There are two more possible derivations of LERCHER:
1. From "Lerche", lark (the singing bird), for a person that loves to sing.
2. From place-names like Lerch (Bavaria, Tyrol), Lercha (near Meißen), Lerchen (Bavaria), or Lerche (North Rhine-Westphalia)This is taken from: Rosa und Volker Kohlheim: Das große Vornamenlexikon, Duden-Verlag Mannheim 2003
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Thanks for the info!
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