Surnames: Dellas - Giannakopoulos - Venizelos
Could anyone tell me the meaning of these greek surnames, please?
Thank you
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Wild speculations on Dellas and VenizelosSome very wild speculations:

Dellas could be related to the classical Greek "dellei", meaning "to call, to summon". But I wouldnt wage money on this :)

Venizelos (name of a great Greek statesman) is spelled Benizelos in Greek. This has led to speculation that the name could have been derived from "Ben" (son of) and some unknown-to-me Hebrew name that sounds like "Zelo". Again, I would certainly not stake my reputation on this!
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Giannakopoulos (and about gamma)Giannakopoulos (pronounced Y(i)annakopoulos in greek) is
derived from the first name Yannis (= John).

Y(i)annakos is one of the diminutives for Yannis,
so it means something like little John.

The ending '-poulos' is very common in Greece and
denotes the 'son of'.

So Giannakopoulos means the son of little John.

About gamma.
The third letter of the greek alphabet is gamma
and there is not a consonant sounding similar in
english. In many cases Greeks prefer to use "G" for
"gamma", because "g" in many english words (especially
those derived from greek) substitutes "gamma".
E.g., "Georgios (sounds like Yeoryios)" = George.

In the case of "gamma+iota+any vowel" the sound "gamma+iota"
is reproduced exactly as "y+any vowel".
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