My lastname.. Arnfast (AHRN-fast, the last a is soft, not like in the english word "fast"). It's origin is propably german, and I know it was used as a first name in the Middle Ages.

I am asuming that the Arn-part means "eagle" like the other names starting with Arn (i.e. Arnold). I'm more unsure on the fast-part, but as the modern german word "fast" means "almost", could it be possible that Arnfast means "eagle-like"?

Thanks in advance,

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The 'fast' element comes from Old Norse 'fastr' which means: firm, fast, strong.
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It isn't german, in fact it is danish like your first name Laerke that is also a danish surname.
Arnfast is also an american surname but extremely rare.

Only 20 Arnfast in Danemark at the moment!
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