A French-Canadian friend of mine was wondering the origin and meaning of his last name 'Dione' ...

If it is indeed a shortened form of Dennis, from the Greek, Dionysus ...does anyone know what 'Dionysus' means ...

Any help would be greatly appreciated ...
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I ignore if this surname is largely spread around french Canada. In France it is at rank 1277 among the french surnames(see the site "Carte de France de Votre Nom de Famille").
According to Jean TOSTI this surname could come from a name of a place:DION spread in some french regions.
Or also from the first name DIDON which is derived from an old germanic first name (see the site: www.jtosti.com/noms).
As in Canada, Dion is very popular in Europe too because of the singer Céline Dion.
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I was wrong! Dione is probably the same as Dionne. Both
are more local or regional than Dion.
Tosti has studied Dionne. he says that this surname is a matronymic form of Dion. It is surely more locative than Dion.
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